Serta iComfort Intellectual EFX Firm Mattress

The Serta iComfort Intellectual EFX  Firm Mattress is part of the new iComfort series that is a new model that will feel very similar if not the same to the old iComfort Genius which is replaced by the new updated iComfort Genius. (yes we know the names are confusing we didn’t make the names or the changes :))  So essentially the Intellectual will feel the same as the new Genius. The Intellectual has a new wick away cover and a small additional percentage of gel in the memory foam.  The main difference between the iComfort Genius and the iComfort EFX Intellectual  is that the Intellectual will have a very slight amount more of gel inside the memory foam and the Intellectual has a wick away cover and the Genius has a cotton poly blend. The coolness factor is insignificant in our opinion on the cover and considering that most people put a mattress protector on their mattress it will negate any difference in coolness the cover would of provided.

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Serta iComfort Brilliant EFX Mattress Same As iComfort Prodigy