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Mattress Shopping For Couples In NYC- The Next Big Step

Mattress Shopping For Couples In NYC- The Next Big Step 

By The Craig’s Beds and The Summerfield Mattress Team

In our mattress store we have the privilege of meeting many fantastic and interesting couples from all walks of life. For many new couples one of the big steps they take in the evolution of their relationship is getting a mattress that they both like. Mattress shopping should be one of the nicest experiences for a new loving couple and we work hard here to help them make it a pleasant experience.

Finding the right mattress for a couple is not always the easiest task, for starters they may have different sleeping positions than their partner that may require different types of mattress firmness levels and feels. One partner may have some aches and pains, typically back ache that will require the other partner to compromise on feel.

Some partners may wake up very easily at night from the other partners movements so selecting a mattress that minimizes motion transfer is also a big consideration when choosing  a mattress.

Life is hectic we all feel it is an uphill battle, a daily fight to get the things done we want to accomplish during the day. Many of us in the NYC area get up in the morning and start our day off getting crammed in subway trains like sardines with a few inches of breathing room from the other train passengers. Then once you get out of the train we face crowds of people that are not really looking where they are going, so just not getting bumped to the ground every day on your way to work is an accomplishment :) Then you get to your job and whether you love your job or not, it is still challenging- Then we repeat the same trip on our way home with thousands of people in a rush to get to their homes.

In order for the new couple and people in general to succeed they need their rest. Without rest we are simply not as effective, less energetic, less motivated, less creative, less patient and more easily annoyed.   We want people to have a bedroom that feels like their own private oasis that blocks the worlds pressures out and remember what is truly important in life.  Our goal is to help contribute to our customers peaceful home experience so that they feel refreshed in the morning.

After the days events we believe investing in a great cozy mattress that both partners will enjoy is a critical aspect to their relationship and life.

Our approach to finding the best mattress comfort match is simple, lets say one person sleeps on their side requiring a softer feel for the hips and shoulders and the other partner sleeps on their stomach requiring a firmer feel so they do not arch their back strangely at night. In this example we would take the range of popular feels for these sleeping styles and find where the firmness ranges overlap and
very often together with the couples feedback find the mattress that is just firm enough and soft enough for them both to be equally happy without one partner making a sacrifice in comfort. (You can see our method on line at under the Shop by Comfort Tool)

Once the couple has zeroed in on the right comfort level, the next concern is to address motion transfer from their partners movements in bed which may disturb the others partners sleep. In this case we will recommend a mattress that has a pocketed coil or all foam support base.  Either of these two types of mattress support systems should solve the problem of motion transfer .

Well that’s it for now and if you any other questions you can either call us at 212-840-1717 or call to set up an appointment to visit us.

So just remember how lucky you guys are to have found each other and we are happy to do our little part to help keep your union strong:)

Mattress Shopping For Couples In NYC- The Next Big Step

Mattress Shopping For Couples In NYC- The Next Big Step

Best Regards,


The Craig’s Beds and The Summerfield Mattress Team