Highly Recommend Dr. Brick and Orlansky’s New York Dental Office

Highly Recommend  Dr. Brick and Orlansky’s New York Dental Office

Since we get many new customers that just moved to NYC we figured that in addition to helping them get a new mattress that we could also recommend a great dental practice:)


No they are not paying us to post about them nor did they ask …. We are just trying to give you guys a little added value.

Why are we recommending them? Simply put, it is really hard to find a great dental practice in NYC. The New York dental office is a passionate sweet team that is all about taking care of their patients.

They even review the work that they have done in the past and if they see something they could of done better on they will let you know and correct it for free. Patients are totally in the dark when dentists are working on them and have to trust what the dentist says.  I highly highly doubt that any other dentist office in NYC would take the time to correct old work that they are not personally satisfied with or even admit to it …My experience is that most dental offices would just charge you and say nothing.

That’s just one example, my experience with them has been top notch and they really do care about their patients and doing an excellent job.

So if you need a new dentist or are dissatisfied with your current one,  give them a call and set up an appointment, you will not be dissapointed!

They can be reached at 245 east 63rd street Suite 110 NY NY 10065   ….212-838-6226 http://www.newyorkdentaloffice.com

Best Regards,