Get The Best Mattress And Save Money At The Same Time In NYC

We all want the same things when shopping for a mattress.  We want a mattress that feels comfortable, that is luxurious, that helps us relax away the days stresses. We also want to feel that we did our due dilligence in shopping for a mattress and that we didn’t get ripped off by the store :)

Sow how do you achieve getting the right mattress and at the right price? First find a store that is known for having a non pressuring friendly environment. In addition examine the stores policies and make sure you are ok with them. Check their online reputation, trying looking at Yelp and Bizrate, they have the highest protection against false reviews. Other review sites are easily gamed and manipulated to accept false reviews. There is no perfect review system, but the two mentioned above seem to be the best.

So once you are at a store that you feel comfortable with, start thinking about the positions that you sleep in. Do you sleep on your side, back, stomach all over?  Think about any area of your body that is giving you any particular problems. Like do you wake up with a stiff back in the morning. If so then you may need a mattress that seems to fill in your lower back area allowing your back muscles to fully relax. If you have sore hips or shoulders, you have to consider getting a mattress that can help you relieve pressure in those areas without sacrificing support.

Ask yourself are you a light sleeper, meaning if you have a partner in the mattress with you do you easily wake up from the transfer of motion in the mattress. If this is the case you may need a pocketed coil mattress or all foam. There are also some traditional innerspring mattress that may work for you as well, but you will have to test them.

Once you are in a store, ask to be directed to a medium firm mattress and from there decide whether you would want to go softer or firmer. Also try other medium firm mattress styles, whether it is all foam, hybrids(gel foams with coils) or good traditional style beds. Each mattress style has it’s own individual feel and strategy at achieving comfort and support.  Also don’t be afraid to try something in your head that you think you will hate, just like our taste buds may change over time, what you think is ideal comfort may change as well. Also do not put too much pressure on yourself, no matter what you spend most people change their mattress on average every 7 to 12 years for various reasons, so this is not a life long commitment :)

Ok Maybe you are asking yourself where is the part about saving Money ? Ok the strategy to save money requires a little work, and when it comes to saving money it is not always easy. I will say it is easier to save money on big ticked brand items 1500 dollars and up as many of the manufacturers have brand equity policies that control what a store lists their mattresses for and what they sell for. If a store publicly advertises a brand equity protected mattress for less that store could lose their dealership status. Stores are often shopped by manufacturers to catch stores breaking policy.

Ok How do you save, when you do find the right mattress, take the name of that model and specifications of the bed. Ask for the specs inside the store and then leave. Go home and google the name and if you can’t find the name then look for the category or they may be blogs like ours that show the names already mapped out for you. Once you have found the mattress elsewhere, simply call around and demand a lower price. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into a one time only deal, that is total BS. Once you have gotten what you feel is a fairer price, you can go back to the original store you feel comfortable with and use that power of knowledge to negotiate down on the price. If you like the store and their service and they can’t meet you all of the way, but discount significant enough to show you that they want the business, then they may be the best choice as you also want to have a store that will service you well in case there is a problem. If the original store does not budge then you should take your business elsewhere where a store with a solid reputation is willing to give you a break.

We hope this was helpful :)

Best Regards

The Craig’s Beds Team